Esri's Geodesign Agenda (20 min)

Help Initiate, Define, Promote


Initial Release of GeoPlanner (8 min)

Conceive, Initiate, Lead Development


Esri Headquarters - Building Q

(designed by Henrik Hvidt)

Design/Construction  Management


click image to download pdf

Introducing Geodesign: The Concept

(Esri white paper)



click image to download pdf

Geodesign: Project Workflow

( with detailed task descriptions)



Initial Release of ModelBuilder (11 min)

Conceive, Initiate, Lead Development


Esri Press

Conceive, Initiate, Support


Esri's Virtual Campus

Conceive, Initiate, Lead Development


Climate Sensitive Housing

(for the country of Japan)

Project Manager


Center for Environment Management

(later became The Redlands Institute)

Founder, Director


Carbonate Species Conflicts

(student project for US Forest Service)

Principal Investigator



Propst Action House

(all walls are relocatable)



Modular Housing Systems

(student project funded by GE Plactics)

Principal Investigator



Energy Producing House (1978)

(produced more energy than it used)



Japanese Bathroom - Remodel Kit

(designed by David Coon)

Project Manager



Panawood Housing System

(modular interchangeable components)




House 8 - Factory Built

(assembled on site in 7.5 hours)




Planning Methods for GIS

(planning, design and geodesign)

Develop, Apply, Promote

Geoprocessing Model
Mapping and Decision (MAD) Diagram


Highway Route Selection

(South Africa)

Project Manager



Delmarva Power Plant Siting Study

(1st book about planning methods for GIS )

Project Manager, Co-author


Jumper Swing



Various Furniture Designs



Smith River Scenic Highway

Computer Applications Consultant



Sonoma Open Space Plan

Project Manager



(3D graphics program for Apple II)

Conceive, Design, Program


Program for Semi-Automated Space Planning

(used on over 1,000,000 sf of office space)

Conceive, Design, Program


Mount Angel Library

(designed by Alvar Aalto)

Project Engineer


California Collage of Arts & Crafts

(designed by Don Reay)

Project Engineer


Stanford Sports Pavilion

(designed by John Carl Warnecke)

Contributing Engineer


Auditorium Theater Complex, UC Berkeley

(designed by Vernon DeMars & Don Reay)

Contributing Engineer


Foot Bridge, UC Santa Cruz

(designed by Stefan J. Medwadowski)

Project Engineer